Deliver impactful legal
services – at scale.
Fidu is the platform to elevate your client experience and scale your flat-fee and subscription legal services with ease.
Eliminate your repetitive work, automate your workflows, and ditch the billable hour – for good.
Everything your firm needs to deliver
continuous value without working continuous hours.
Watch our video to see how.
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Workflow Automation

Automate your workflows

Build client-centric workflows containing documents, meeting requests, uploads, drip messaging, and more, automatically delivered to your clients, easily triggered by anyone on your team from your practice management software.

Screenshot of Fidu's workflow and process automation feature
Knowledge Base

Answer your clients questions at scale

The wiki for your clients. Organize and share your knowledge with your clients and your team, quickly and easily. It's like a wiki full of your articles, videos, frequently asked questions.

Everything you need to answer clients' questions, delivering the next level of legal knowledge—at scale.

Screenshot of Fidu's knowledge base feature
Document Generation

Deliver your client contracts with speed

Document generation, built for clients, with the control and boundaries legal professionals need. Your clients gain a powerful yet easy contract creation, e-signature, and management tool all while your team maintains control with approval steps along the way.

Using our no-code questionnaire builder and document editor, setup of documents is simple for even the most complex documents—even if they're chock full of conditions.

Screenshot of Fidu's document generation feature
Client Dashboard

A branded dashboard for your clients

The starting point for your clients to access your subscriptions services is your branded client dashboard. It's the single source of reference for all your client interactions – booking meetings, completing documents, secure messaging, or reading your legal library.

Show your clients just how different you are by providing them with a modern, value-add platform.

Screenshot of Fidu's client dashboard in action
Integrates with:
Fidu integrates with ClioFidu integrates with CalendlyFidu integrates with NotionFidu integrates with Zapier

Subscriptions and flat-fees
are the key to scale.

Subscriptions and flat-fees are the sustainable, scalable way to build and grow a modern, client-centric legal business. Fidu is the easiest way to create, manage, systematize, and deliver ongoing value to your happy, long-term clients.

When you bill clients regularly with subscriptions, your entire focus changes. Instead of always hunting and worrying about where the next project is going to come from, focus on delivering value to your clients and keeping them happy. You can focus on systematizing and growing your firm, not making sure your quotas are on track.

Instead of being financially penalized for being efficient, subscriptions force you to be creative, efficient, and ultimately your client's proactive legal partner.

  • Design a technology-forward firm
  • Focus on proactive client service
  • Scale with efficient processes
  • Generate predictable revenue
  • Improve client satisfaction
Kimberly Bennett, Co-founder of Fidu
Kim Bennett

I still remember pitching my first subscription for $500.

A decade later, it's clear it was one of the best business decisions I've made. Running a business requires consistent effort, and it's tough when you're not sure if the next bill is going to come before your next deposit.

Subscriptions are the path away from the client-hostile, inconsistent rollercoaster of hourly billing and burnout to a happier, profitable, and ultimately scalable business.

Subscriptions and flat-fees are the answer to scaling your business.

No matter your industry, clients value your output, not your effort. And since hourly billing is a measure of the input of effort, it's no wonder clients overwhelmingly hate the uncertainty and surprise bills that come from lawyers who bill for input time.

There is an ocean of opportunity for lawyers from revenue growth to sustainability, and from increasing access to justice to more time spent with family –  all it takes is thinking differently, mapping and automating your processes, and packaging your services in more client-centric ways.

Blaine Korte, Co-founder of Fidu
Blaine Korte

Simple Pricing

For Legal Teams

Everything your firm needs, for $99 a month

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Includes every feature we offer, including unlimited clients, documents, automated workflows, and more – all with a 31-day free trial.

  • Includes 2 users, $29 each additional
  • Unlimited clients
  • Documents, Forms, File uploads
  • Automated Workflows
  • Knowledge Base & Library
  • Branded Client Dashboard
  • Secure Messaging
  • Integrated Meetings
  • All Integrations
  • Custom Domain (
  • Removable Fidu Branding
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