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Introducing Fidu Sales

The complete client experience platform to build, deliver, and now sell your subscription legal services.

Fidu enables your transition from trading time for money to delivering value to your clients, at scale.

Deliver continuous value to your clients without you working continuous hours.

More than just a client portal, Fidu is everything you need to build a
scalable subscription legal business – and flat fee business too!

Preview of Fidu Platform Overview video

Streamline your
hiring process

Design a frictionless hiring experience with streamlined payments, engagement letters, and onboarding processes.

Package your subscription services

Leverage your knowledge, scope your services, and create scalable services using the newly launched Fidu Subscription Builder.

Automate your
legal work

Build client-centric workflows
containing documents, drip messaging, projects, and more.

Systematize your client communications

Elevate client satisfaction by systematizing the delivery of your messages, meeting links, forms and project statuses.

Templatize your entire business

Reclaim your time and build templates for every repetitive process, document, form, and more in your practice.

Build your firm knowledge base

Create a growing resource library filled with your experience and expertise.

And more!
Fidu integrates with ClioFidu integrates with CalendlyFidu integrates with Zapier

Switch to subscription services and ditch the overwork, overcommitment, or overwhelm of hourly billing.

Kimberly Bennett, Co-founder of Fidu
Kim Bennett

I still remember pitching my first subscription for $500.

A decade later, it's clear it was one of the best business decisions I've made. Running a business requires consistent effort, and it's tough when you're not sure if the next expense is going to come before your next deposit.

Subscriptions are the path away from the client-hostile, inconsistent rollercoaster of hourly billing and burnout to a happier, profitable, and ultimately scalable business.

Subscriptions and flat-fees are the key to scaling your business.

No matter your industry, clients value your output, not your effort. And since hourly billing is a measure of the input of effort, it's no wonder clients overwhelmingly hate the uncertainty and surprise bills that come from lawyers who bill for input time.

There is an ocean of opportunity for lawyers from revenue growth to sustainability, and from increasing access to justice to more time spent with family –  all it takes is thinking differently, mapping and automating your processes, and packaging your services in more client-centric ways.

Blaine Korte, Co-founder of Fidu
Blaine Korte

Simple Pricing

For Legal Teams

Everything your firm needs, for $99 a month

Start your 31-day Free Trial

Cancel anytime. No credit card required.

or Contact Sales

Includes every feature we offer, including unlimited clients, documents, automated workflows, and more – all with a 31-day free trial.

  • Includes 2 users, $29 each additional
  • Unlimited clients
  • Documents, Forms, File uploads
  • Automated Workflows
  • Knowledge Base & Library
  • Branded Client Dashboard
  • Secure Messaging
  • Integrated Meetings
  • All Integrations
  • Custom Domain (clients.yourdomain.com)
  • Removable Fidu Branding
For Enterprise

custom experience for your clients

Custom Client Dashboard Design
Single Sign-on
Custom SLA
Private Cloud Deployment
Dedicated Account Executive
Starting at


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Helping legal teams scale their subscription businesses and delight their clients and customers.

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Let's Talk Subscriptions, Ending hourly Billing, Fidu, and more!

Join Fidu's growing community of legal and service professionals designing services no longer tied to the hourly model.

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